UK court allows transfer of Senegambian refugees to Rwanda

UK court allows transfer of Senegambian refugees to Rwanda
UK court allows transfer of Senegambian refugees to Rwanda

Africa-Press – Gambia. Despite the intervention of influential groups including respected and well-known charities, human rights groups as well as various prominent religious leaders, the court ruled that “the first flight could go ahead” without interruption.

Justice Swift, in his landmark judgement also noted that there was “material public interest in Priti Patel, the Home Secretary being able to carry out her policies…I did not consider there was any evidence asylum seekers would be ill-treated”.

Further rejecting claims by the lawyers of the asylum seekers, Justice Swift maintained that part of the case to block the initial flights focused on the argument that the Home Secretary’s “decision to treat Rwanda as a safe country is either irrational or based on insufficient investigation”.

Following the contentious judgement on Friday, this correspondent quickly dispatched letters to various legal representatives of the refugees inquiring whether the first flight involved any Senegambians.

Care4Calais, one of the most prominent UK Registered Charities representing the asylum seekers and delivering emergency aid to the refugees in Calais and other areas responded to our request but couldn’t immediately verify whether or not any Gambian or Senegalese nationals were involved.

However, an urgent investigation is underway. Nonetheless, Care4Calais officials responding also revealed: “…Our press team has confirmed that they know one person from Chad”.

Separately, The Point has learned that “an injunction is likely considering the “seriousness of the case…and those involved in the matter…including political repression in Rwanda”.

On his part, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has hailed the judgement as “welcome news”. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev’d Justin Welby, maintained that it is “ungodly”.

The UN refugee Agency said it is “against the law”. Nonetheless, it is now verified that lawyers have filed an urgent appeal to fight the matter at the Court of Appeal on Monday.

The Point

will update itss readers regarding whatever the outcome of the case, including the wellbeing of any Senegambian involved.

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