Will There Be Confrontation In December?



Many people have been asking whether there are any indicators of the possibility regarding confrontation in December.

It is a known fact that individuals claiming to represent groups have spoken about President Barrow leaving office after three years. Hence even if their plans are to hold demonstrations, it cannot be done in December since President Barrow did not assume office till 19th January 2017. He would not have clocked three years in December.

It goes without saying that after the declaration by the vice president that the cabinet took a decision to stay for five years, most people are now convinced that President Barrow is already resolved not to exercise his prerogative to resign as covered by section 65 of the Constitution but would rather stay for five years in accordance with section 63 of the Constitution. Hence demonstrating for him to honour the Coalition agreement after he has made it clear in the National Assembly that the Coalition agreement no longer binds his tenure of office could no longer serve its purpose.


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