4,000 Gambian asylum applications rejected in Germany


The Gambia Refugees Association in Europe has lamented in a meeting with 10-man Gambia government delegation that 4,000 asylum applications by Gambian migrants in Germany have been rejected by authorities. This is the first a great cause of concern for the group, they said.

According to government sources, the European tour embarked upon by this government delegation is meant to engage EU countries with high concentration of Gambian migrants, on reaching a common ground on migration management.

“We are to get first hand information from Gambian migrants on the immigration challenges they face with the authorities of those countries,” said a team member as they prepare to depart for Austria today Monday.

At the last week meeting in Germany, the European refugee group in that country saw it as “a great opportunity for refugees to interact and share their problems, constraints and challenges” with the Gambia government officials. Their discussions highlighted efforts to curb mass deportation of Gambians from Europe, especially in Germany, where 16,000 Gambians have been registered with the group.


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