Gambia To Get Covid-19 Vaccine


The ministry of health has said it is expecting to get the coronavirus vaccine to start jabbing the public- which followed its earlier announcement that it has applied for Covax vaccine.

Modou Njai, director of health promotion told reporters during an orientation ceremony: “The Ministry of Health is about to introduce a new vaccine that will be vaccinated to the people when approve by WHO.”

“People might start saying a lot of things about the vaccine some will come up with different misconception and they might try to send out rumor but anytime the vaccine is in the country approve by WHO, the Ministry is going to use the vaccine and we will inform the public as when to start the vaccination through the media,” he added.

He said Covid-19 vaccine plan is already been finalize in various components and the key among them as he said is community engagement.

“So, in that component they are going to use the media to inform the people about the importance of the vaccine and there is also a component responsible for logistics they will be responsible in identifying areas that the vaccine will be distributed,” he said.

He continued: “vaccination is not new in this country we have been having series of vaccinations so I think people should not be able to distract us from using the vaccine. So, we want to remind people that anything that is introduce in this country is a recommendation from WHO and it is safe to use it.”

He said as the number of coronavirus cases resurges that: “We need to strengthen our interventions and we need to start talking to people in the language they understand and it is the media that can help us to do that. Also, Covid-19 has not yet gone so I urge people to still adhere to the rules and regulation of WHO”


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