PPP leadership clamor : Touma echoes she is leader of the party

PPP leadership clamor: Touma echoes she is leader of the party
PPP leadership clamor: Touma echoes she is leader of the party

Africa-PressGambia. The MP for Banjul South, in a statement on her Facebook page, said: “I promised that once I get a respond from the IEC, I shall go public. I have received a letter that I shared publicly, I have also engaged my lawyers to pursue the matter in the courts. In the coming week, we shall have a meeting to be followed by another press engagement to keep the public abreast on the matters going.”

“Each and every regional chairperson shall take the floor to discuss matters affecting them and the issues they had encountered in the process. No stone shall be left untouched. We must get to the bottom of the matter as what happened in 2018 shall not be allowed to be repeated.”

“The PPP is a respected party, reputable for that matter and a selected few shall not taint its reputation due to greed and selfish personal interests. Once a date is agreed by the team, it shall be duly communicated and all media houses formally and cordially invited. Meanwhile as was declared on 1st March, I remain the Interim leader pending free and fair elections.”

It could be recalled that, Touma Njie and PPP brouhaha started during the party’s congress held 27th February, 2020 which the PPP representative at the House of Parliament rejected the new constituted PPP executive elected, calling for fresh elected.

Touma later declared herself the party leader and secretary general of PPP, informing Gambians that they have established an alternative executive pending proper and fair election.

Meanwhile, the PPP later went ahead to expel Touma Njie from the party, explaining 10 reasons for such action.


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