I Was Speaking’: Darboe Responds To Critics Who Say He Never Spoke Against Barrow Government When He Was On Its Payroll


UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has reacted to comments by critics he turned a blind eye to the wrong decisions of the Barrow government when he was part of it.

Darboe served as foreign minister and vice president in the early days of President Adama Barrow’s government. He was sacked in 2018 as tension reached boiling point between him and his political son, President Barrow.

He is now a regular critic of the actions and decisions of the Barrow government but his critics would always knock back at him that he never criticized the government when he was part of it.

But Darboe told The Fatu Network, while answering questions on vehicles that were donated by an anonymous donor and later given to the country’s MPs: “People think that when you’re in government, things happen and you keep quiet about them. In fact I was disciplining one of the youths in the party and the president didn’t like it… So it wasn’t that I wasn’t speaking, I was.”


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