Top Lawyer Says ‘Barrow Doesn’t Deserve To Be Re-Elected’


Top human rights lawyer has said the nation’s president Adama Barrow doesn’t deserve to be re-elected for another five years because he has failed in his four years rule over the country – citing that poverty and inflation are on the rise.

Speaking to The Voice exclusively, Assan Martin said: “President Barrow does not deserve another five years as his record of four years have been very failing adding that inflation and poverty is hitting Gambia, as most Gambians are begging in the streets.”

“This is a total failure of the leadership from the top and this is one of the reasons why they believe that this regime needs to come to an end in December 2021.

The real security reform will come under the new government as we build confident in our security sector and strengthen the relationship between the law enforcement and the public,” he added.

According to him, back in a day it was believed that the security was politicalizes during Jammeh’s era but now is the responsible of this government to fix it as the blame cannot always be put on the previous government.

“The moral of this government in running institutions is gone down as we have a president that does not believe in his own security. The lack of confident of the president in his own citizens who are his own security and the present of the foreign troops which is not helping has demoralized our security reform,” he said.

He added that law and order is a big failure in this country, stressing that the so-called security reform is still in disarray also to in live in peace and stable environment is missing.

“Law and order is in a disorder, the recent example is the killing of innocent woman in Tanji and the worst to fear nowadays is that the youth are involved in bad deed including drinking and drug dealing..

The government has no policy infighting to change indiscipline attitude and lawless in this country because all what we heard is that people have been kill which is very concerning,” he said.


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