78 quotes of President Akufo-Addo in 2019


Over the year 2019, President Akufo-Addo has delivered countless speeches both home and aboard.

I have reported on most of the activities and events the President has been involved in. I have been poring through the scripts and transcripts and I have gathered a few lines that caught my attention.

1. “I came to the Presidency as an old man, so I know about what it takes to wait for office. You are a young man, plenty of time ahead for you. We pray for long life for you and for health and that you commit yourself like you have done through your spokesperson today, to reconciliation in Dagbon”.

Meeting with the Abudu royal family of Dagbon, led by the Bolin Lana, Abdulai Mahamudu, 4th January 2019, Jubilee House.

2. “I assure shareholders, management, and staff of Unilever, and the people of Ghana that my government will work to continue to create a stable, microeconomic framework and positive outlook for businesses. The days when economic indicators went haywire and through the roof are over. The days of disarray in our public finances, the reason for our resent marriage with the IMF, are over”.

Commissioning of three new factories of Unilever Ghana Limited, 15th January 2019, Tema.

3. “We are not to rest on our oars and assume that every citizen of Dagbon is elated about the new peace and the enskinment of a new Ya-Naa. Indeed, there is a new term for people who profit from conflict. They are called, “conflict-preneurs.” We have to be resolute in warding off such people by strengthening the process of reconciliation amongst the people of Dagbon”. “We are not to fear the strategy of our enemies, but our own mistakes. Dagbon does not have to fear an external enemy. Dagbon is a great state, one of the most ancient traditional states of our history. It has survived many marauding forces, and repelled many enemies. Dagbon can only be brought to its knees by internal malcontents, and it is our collective duty and in our collective interest to fend them off”.

Enskinment and outdooring ceremony of the new Ya-Naa, 25th January, 2019, Gbewaa Palace, Yendi.

4. “It is time that the disarray in our public finances that has led us on seventeen separate occasions beginning in the year of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the most recent one in March 2015 under President John Dramani Mahama, be brought to an end so that we do not have to result to the aid of IMF. We are determined not to go back to IMF tutelage again. We will manage our affairs properly. That is the true import of moving to a “Ghana Beyond Aid”.

The Annual “Diplomatic New Year Greeting Ceremony”, 30th January 2019, forecourt of the Jubilee House.

5. “We asked ourselves, why did it take so longer to recognize these problems and to deal with them in order to safeguard the public interest. Was this a systems failure, or these banks were simply clever in going about their businesses on the blind side of regulators”? “A financial system in distress introduces uncertainty in the economy and undermines the stability and soundness of the financial system. It is to prevent any disastrous occurrence in the banking system and its ramifications in the entire financial system that my government has taken the bold step to establish the Presidential Financial Stability Advisory Council”.


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