Botchway Dismisses VP’s Efforts to Derail NDC Agenda

Botchway Dismisses VP’s Efforts to Derail NDC Agenda
Botchway Dismisses VP’s Efforts to Derail NDC Agenda

Africa-Press – Ghana. In a fiery response this morning, Bright Botchway, the National Deputy Coordinator for Traders and Artisans Network(TAN)-NDC, didn’t mince words as he countered Dr. Bawumia’s recent remarks in his interview this morning cited Botchway dismissed Dr. Bawumia’s persistent attempts to undermine the NDC’s initiatives, particularly the 24-hour economy proposal, labeling them as a desperate bid for relevance.

In a scathing critique, Botchway suggested that Dr. Bawumia’s fixation on discrediting the NDC’s vision demands urgent attention, hinting at a need for specialized focus. He emphasized that, amidst the ongoing exchanges, nobody should take Dr. Bawumia’s assertions seriously. This dismissive stance underlined the NDC’s unwavering commitment to their proposed policies, refusing to be swayed by what they consider mere diversionary tactics.

Botchway’s fervent response not only showcased the intensity of the political discourse but also hinted at underlying tensions between opposing parties vying for dominance in shaping Ghana’s economic landscape. It remains to be seen how these verbal sparrings will influence the broader political narrative as the parties continue to assert their positions.

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