Demand for Made in Ghana Rice High – Vendors


There seems to be shortage of local rice on the market despite an increase in demand.

There has been a growing campaign for the purchase and consumption of locally-produced rice in Ghana, especially after there were reports that large tonnes of rice were getting destroyed in the North due to lack of buyers.

President Akufo-Addo joined the campaign by calling on Ghanaians to eat made in Ghana rice to promote local food consumption.

To ascertain the level of response to the President’s call, Radio Ghana hit the streets of Tema Community One.

Most rice vendors GBC-Obonu News visited at the Tema Community One Market said the Made-In-Ghana rice is in short supply while demand for it keeps rising, especially during this festive period.

A rice vendor, Madam Hannah, said although she has been selling Ghana Rice for some years now, patronage has not been as significant as it is this year, owing to the media campaign.

According to another Vendor, Doris Darkoa Amengor, most consumers ask for particular brands of the Ghana Rice.

Another rice retailer, Aifa Alhassan, also told Obonu News, the local rice is expensive as compared to the imported rice; and this she said can deter some customers from patronizing local rice.

She said one American-tin, known as Olonka of the foreign rice sells at 12 Ghana Cedis while the same quantity of the local rice goes for 14 cedis.


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