GES Launches Self Posting System for Trained Teachers

GES Launches Self Posting System for Trained Teachers
GES Launches Self Posting System for Trained Teachers

Africa-Press – Ghana. Over 12,720 newly qualified teachers from various Colleges of Education have successfully completed their licensure exams to be deployed to their regions of choice.

This number is out of over 20,000 applications received from qualified teachers. They form the first batch.

These qualified teachers now have the opportunity to use a self placement system, an initiative introduced by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to help them secure placement across the regions of Ghana.

This self-posting module allows these teachers to visit the GES Service portal to generate their appointment letters for posting. The exercise will take place from July 5-31, 2024.

During a press conference held at the Ghana Education Service headquarters in Accra, on July 5, the Director-General of GES, Dr. Eric Nkansah, explained, “this self-placement system seeks to address multiple challenges involving language barriers, accommodation and other related issues that affect them in their line of duty when posted.“

He further stated “The module is for only basic to Junior high schools and as such, only qualified teachers who pass their licensure exams can be beneficiaries”.

Quizzed if the system may face challenges along the line, the GES Director-General replied, “plans have been advanced on alternative ways to manage and sustain the system “.

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