Meet Amanda Akuokor Clinton, the woman who wants to be Ghana’s first female FA Prez


Amanda Akuokor Clinton wants to do something no Ghanaian woman has ever done – become President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Best-known for representing the GFA as they made formal responses to the government of Ghana and FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland and representing different international corporate clients who invested in Menzgold, the lawyer has now turned her sights on becoming the new face of the GFA.

Amanda says she has the capacity to sell the GFA to the corporate world and internally, she hopes to adopt the Servant-Leadership Model to revamp the GFA into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

“With my leadership, the GFA will be transformed into a multi-billion dollar enterprise that the world will have to come and look at in order to see how we did it,” she says in her manifesto titled: Metamorphosis of the Ghana Football Association.

She says if elected, she will vacate her role at Clinton Consultancy which would be handled by solely her partner and twin sister Bianca Akweley Clinton Esq.


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