Never again should no 12 happen as the 2019/2020 season beckons


After an 18 month hiatus, proper football is back and all football loving fans can’t wait for that big kick off on Sunday 29th December 2019.

Our game was riddled with wanton corruption and daylight robbery but we all sat aloof and asked of the age old cliche of  bring evidence or shut up until Anas Aremeyaw Anas decided to put something together which proved a tsunami for the game.

Everything grounded to a halt from the league,FA Cup and every football related activity came to a stand still and even till date we do not have the true cost in monetary terms of football’s inactivity to our economy the last 18 months.

So as the new season is about to begin we have heard a lot of talk about reforms but I will urge all those whose very survival in life depend on football to say never again.

They should stand up and be counted for If they watch unconcerned and sing from that antiquated old hymn sheet of bring evidence and allow someone from the outside topple football again the very source of their existence then it will spell doom and the damage the next time may be irreparable.

With this the corporate world are still aghast at sponsoring or associating with football, its normal if they get cold feet but it will take a lot of convincing through deed and not mere rhetoric’s to get them back on board and we all must do our part.

Even with this, most of the culprits caught in the web of corruption were referees but you and me know that it goes way beyond that just that they were the scapegoats because corruption in the game is so endemic to the extent that its like a sub culture in the game.

It came a time were it appeared assembling good teams and better coaches was not a recipe to win football games  but all you had to do was to heavily grease the palms  of a referee and you are good to go.

Most club officials are guilty of paying referees in order to win matches whiles they owe players months of salary arrears.

The beautiful game begins tomorrow but all stakeholders should have the mantra never again on their lips and If that will change it depends on each and everyone refraining from the shady deals which was done in the past to win  games.

It’s the dawn of a new era and venues who have gained notoriety for hooliganism should also turn over a new leaf; that culture where every home team must win at all cost must cease.

The fact that you are playing at home does not guarantee you three points, each team must fight to earn a point or all three.

Fans of home teams always blame referees for their team’s poor showing and that must not be encouraged.

With the drastic digitization of our game and the outrageously high use of Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook etc by our clubs, and the numerous implementation by the club licensing board and GFA, I believe we are on the right track and very soon we will get there but we must all remember ….Never again should No12 happen !!!!!!


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