Use your Executive Powers to Instruct Finance Minister to Release our Monies

Use your Executive Powers to Instruct Finance Minister to Release our Monies
Use your Executive Powers to Instruct Finance Minister to Release our Monies

Africa-Press – Ghana. Former National Organizer of the Coalition of Nation Building Corps (NABCO) trainees David Peterson has called on President Akuffo-Addo to issue an executive order to instruct the finance minister Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam to release their unpaid allowance.

Speaking to 3fm, the former national organizer indicated that despite several petitions to various stakeholders, it is only the president who can order the disbursement of their funds.

“We are pleading with the President that he uses his executive power to instruct the finance minister to pay us just as he used his executive powers to implement NABCO. If he is listening to us, this is our situation,” he said.

David Peterson also outlined some actions the union should consider implementing should the government continue to delay in releasing their allowance.

“We are planning on writing to the Office of the President, the National Security Council, and the executive secretary to the president so they can remind the president that we NABCO trainees are still asking for what is due them. We are working and planning on hitting the streets of Accra and if possible, nationwide to demand our monies if nothing is done.”

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer of the Aggrieved NABCO personnel Frimpong Manso urged the President to leave behind a good legacy by releasing their funds.

“What impression and memories are you leaving us with after leaving office, Mr. President? Would we be happy or sad when we hear your name and recall what you did while in office? Instead of us to sing your praises, it seems anytime we come out to demand what is ours, it looks like we are fighting with you.”

The government launched the program in 2018 to provide temporary employment and skills training for unemployed graduates. This was a key campaign promise of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Currently, over sixty-six thousand personnel are owed an excess of four hundred and eighteen million cedis despite completing the programme.

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