You Promised to Absorb us into Permanent Public Sector Jobs, what Happened?

You Promised to Absorb us into Permanent Public Sector Jobs, what Happened?
You Promised to Absorb us into Permanent Public Sector Jobs, what Happened?

Africa-Press – Ghana. Public Relations Officer of the Aggrieved Nation Building Corps (NABCO) personnel Frimpong Manso has expressed disappointment in the Akuffo-Addo-Bawumia government, accusing them of exploiting their programme for political gain during the 2020 elections.

Government in 2018 launched the program to provide temporary employment and skills training for unemployed graduates. This was a key campaign promise of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

The Public Relations Officer says they voted for the NPP in 2020, believing the party would fulfill its pledge to transition the program into permanent public sector jobs.

“The promise by the government to absorb us made us vote for the NPP during the 2020 elections. The government used us to campaign with older adults and Ghanaians on the need to maintain the NPP. NABCO trainees worked to support the government to win the election but now it seems everything is clear now. We thought it was an initiative to alleviate us but now we are getting the picture that it was a mounded vehicle to drive us into poverty,” he said.

He further argued that the party has abandoned them despite their effort to make the government win the 2020 general elections.

“We’ve not been remembered at all, our vice president who is the flag-bearer of the NPP has toured almost all the regions in Ghana but there is no single occasion whereby he has mentioned NABCO has an achievement. You can say that the government is so quiet about this NABCO stuff. Whenever they get the opportunity to talk to the people, they don’t even mention the NABCO issue. So, this is a big NO they don’t remember us, they just want to forget about NABCO and we are also not going to sit down for this to happen because they are still owing us,” he again lamented.

Frimpong Manso also stated that some personnel have lost their lives because of the delayed payment.

“We borrowed to survive and even worked under harsh conditions yet still no appreciation from the government. If I tell you the number of NABCO Trainers that have died from malnutrition and even petty diseases and sickness that they could have survived if they had money. “

The government currently owes over sixty-six thousand personnel some four hundred and eighteen million cedis

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