Ghana’s Plendify Debuts B2B eCommerce App


Ghana-based eCommerce startup Plendify has rolled out a B2B eCommerce app to help connect buyers with suppliers, Tech In Africa reported.

Plendify allows users to access a business directory of African suppliers. Buyers can access direct quotes on the platform and are able to make bulk sales, according to the report.

With the platform, scattered users can now reach suppliers in less accessible places, and they can also accept international cards and track local deliveries, the report stated.

Plendify has also signed up over 1,000 suppliers, according to the report. Some of the names attached thus far include Bel Aqua, Tika Mall and Vitamilk.

Another such startup, Dubai-based Splyr Global, raised $500,000 earlier this month, with the investment coming from Quality & Savings Center, which said Splyr Global had had impressive growth during the pandemic.


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