Kadija Adams grateful to Ghana Rugby for supporting her son to undergo hole-in-heart operation


Kadija Adams is thanking the Ghana Rugby Football Union for supporting his son to undergo a successful hole in heart surgery.

Kadija Adams who is considered a prominent name in the Ghana Rugby had her son Hanif suffering from a hold in heart condition.

This is when the family had recovered from the devastating coronavirus thanks to the Ghana Rugby Football Union.

Once again, the Federation has stood up to support Kadija Adams by soliciting funds to enable young Hanif to undergo a successful surgery.

The Ghana Rugby through their partners like Sunda International, Pragati International Limited, Gino, and others have been able to raise money to enable Hanif to undergo the heart surgery.

Kadija Adams who has been a great contributor to the development of rugby in Ghana and her family are thanking the Ghana Rugby Football Union for the kind gesture.

Hanif is expected to undergo the first surgery today with further surgeries to follow very soon..


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