Mars joins venture assisting Ghana’s women shea farmers


Mars, Incorporated, has joined with industry partner AAK and the US Agency for International Development (USAID/Ghana) in a 10-year project assisting women farmers in North Ghana with sustainable shea production, writes Neill Barston.

The key ingredient is used significantly by both the confectionery and bakery sectors, with the latest scheme, which is being carried out alongside the Presbyterian Agriculture Services NGO aims to benefit 13,000 agricultural workers.

Known as the Women in Shea initiative (WISH), the move has been developed to help create more economic opportunities for women farmers working within the sector.

It has set out to provide a range of support activities including providing the tools, training and support necessary to help the women of shea increase the quantity of collected nuts while reducing the burden of collection activity.

In addition, it hopes to boost awareness among local communities and practices for the conservation and improved natural resource management to preserve the shea parklands.


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