SEND GHANA holds workshop on Climate Change


Send Ghana, a policy research and advocacy organization on Thursday held an engagement with prominent key players on Climate Change.

The meeting attracted representatives from Municipal/Metropolitan Assemblies, CSO’s, Farmers, and Women Groups and aimed at deliberating on the diverse ways climate change affects the country.

The Communications Director, Mr. Mohammed Tajudin, in an interview, disclosed that his outfit works in conjunction with reliable agencies in order to achieve a common objective.

“We work in the areas of Education, Agric, Social protection, Health, and Gender issues but that is for the advocacy activities. We also have livelihood promotion activities that basically support smallholder farmers with inputs.

“At the national levels, we work very closely with ministries that is the Agric, Health, Education, Finance and other relevant ministries. At the local, we have a structure that we work with we call it District Monitoring Citizens Committees, basically they are the ones that lead our advocacy activities at the local level and they work closely with the Assemblies and other decentralized agencies as far as our Advocacy activities are concerned,” the communication Officer, Mr. Mohammed Tajudin said.

He added that the research when completed would help produce a valid remedy on the effects of climate change.

“We are hoping by the end of March, we should have a draft of this particular assessment that we are doing and the idea is to get all the stakeholders that participated in the workshop in order to validate the research before publication,” he added.

The participants, in a group discussion, were able to identify the main purpose of climate change, actors and the roles in the effect of climate change, how climate change affect the various agencies as well as the effects of the budgeting process for climate change including others.



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