Youth in Ghana lack decent jobs- Youth Activist laments



THEME:Transforming Food Systems: “Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”.

15 years into the new millennium and 64 years after Ghana’s Independence,our nation and continent stagger on with tested and untested democratic, social and Political structures that do favour the Youth of this country.

As the day set aside by the UN to celebrate young people and their contribution to national development in the area of health, Agriculture, economic and Political development. It is relevant to note that young people must be given the necessary support to excel in various endeavors.

The contributions of youth in food security, climate change and biodersivity is very significant in the New decade . It is therefore important that governments and policies makers must include the youth in the tables of decision making to take their views on nation building.

Looking around the world and narrowing it to the geographical proximity of Ghana, it is clear that young people face a lot of challenges in area of cheap labor, migration in search of greener pastures, sex exploitation and job discrimination relative to political affiliations. And thus need urgent attention. Though significant progress has been made, there is more yet to be done .

It is trite knowledge to know that the youth cannot be the future Leaders of this nation if they are not involved today in decision making proceses. If care is not taking,the next REVOLUTION IN GHANA WILL BE YOUTH ARISING IN SEARCH AND DEMAND OF THEIR STOLEN FUTURE.


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