60 percent of water in supermarkets are Made-In-Ghana – Survey


A survey conducted by Konfidants, an international business advisory firm, has shown the best performing category of Made-In-Ghana goods sold on selected supermarkets is water.

According to the survey, 60 percent of all water sold in supermarkets are Ghana made.

This was then followed by Made in Ghana eggs which showed a performance of 55 percent, fruits and vegetables at 52 percent and spreads placing 44.74 percent for Made in Ghana goods.

The survey further pointed that despite the positive performances of food product categories, the patronage of Made in Ghana products was still rather low on the market.

“The research also revealed some disturbing trends in the following products: Only 2% of jams and marmalades on the shelves are Made-In-Ghana, which is worrying given that 58% of Fresh Fruits on the shelves are Made-In-Ghana. (This is one area where there is a clear need and opportunity to add value locally),” the report showed.

“Over 62% of all rice, salt (65%), fresh meat (66%), fresh poultry (70%), and even chocolate (65%) brands on the shelves were foreign as well. Given these products have very strong production possibilities on the local market, this is quite worrying,” it added.

The report however recommended an increase in market access and opportunity for locally produced items to thrive in order to add value domestically.



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