Ghana looks at combating terrorism with more military bases


Ghana seeks to beef up its war on terrorism by creating more military bases around the country, an official said Thursday.

Dominic Nitiwul, the minister-designate for defence, said the proposal was for the military to establish regiments in all 16 regions to augment the fight against the growing spate of terrorism around the country.

“The military wants to put up a regiment in each region. When we had ten regions there were seven bases. The plan is to have a military presence in each region,” Nitiwul, who held the same portfolio over the past four years, told parliament’s Appointments Committee during his vetting.

He added, “There is some military presence in all regions, but we intend to make it permanent for the military to support the civilian police in keeping law and order.”

The minister-designate also underscored the government’s commitment to defending the territorial integrity of the country.

“To help fight against terrorism in the country, we have been pitching bases along the borders to ensure that Ghana is safe. The plan is very far advanced to ensure that we have a minimum of 15 bases across the north to ensure that we are all safe,” Nitiwul added. Enditem


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