On Mahama’s joblessness pronouncement: Can he really lead Ghana again?


It is quite refreshing to read former President John Dramani Mahama’s recent admission of his irrevocable failure to create enabling environment for the creation of jobs for the youth whilst in government, and therefore inviting Akufo-Addo for a round-table discussion on the youth joblessness (see: ‘Let’s sit down, we’re ready to join you discuss ways to create jobs; we face danger of not doing it — Mahama tells Akufo-Addo ‘; modernghana.com, 24/08/2021).

“Unemployment is a serious problem that we confront and it is not only this government that is confronting the problem, past governments have the same problem. I have been president before, our economy is not creating jobs as fast as we are churning out people from our educational institutions and so the solution does not lie in one person’s head,” the former President said while on tour in Wa.

In fact, I share in the sentiment of former President John Dramani Mahama . Indeed, unemployment has been a hindrance in Ghana’s forward march since time in memorial.

That being said, we elect leaders in anticipation that they are ready and willing to think outside the box to solve our problems.

I have always held a firm conviction that true leaders take the bull by the horn. Simply put, it takes massive leadership to combat the seemingly difficult challenge such as the unemployment.

Unfortunately, during his tenure in office, the young Ghanaian graduates formed unemployed association, as the Mahama administration could not think outside the box and motivate the private sector to create viable jobs for the ebullient youth.

Indeed, it was always going to be extremely difficult for the private sector to create viable jobs when the economy grew from 14% in 2011 to a disappointing 3.4% by December 2016.

Suffice it to stress that before the insidious coronavirus, the economic growth was picking up steadily. The economy grew from a meagre 3.4% in December 2016 to a favourable 8.6% in 2018.

It was, therefore, a step in the right direction when the economic team of the Akufo-Addo administration prudently put measures in place to improve the previously asphyxiated economic outlook.


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