The lack of Ghana’s development in politics


Over the years Ghana’s democracy has been tested on solid ground on many occasions, from the year 1992 -2021. As the African adage goes a stubborn housefly who fails to listen to advice always follows the corpse to the grave.

Whiles other countries are finding ways and means to develop, Ghana as a country is down fighting over a compilation of voter’s register. Posterity stands to judge the leaders.

Dr Osagyafo Kwame Nkrumah once said; “Change when it is denied or to long-delayed, violence will break out here and there, not that men planned or willed it, but their accumulated grievances of the past will erupt with volcanic fury.”

A time surely shall come, when the youth of Ghana will rise and demand a revolution. The country has had enough, they aren’t trying to incite violence however they need to sit and plan well as a country.64 years after Ghana gained independence and we’re still living in abject mediocrity.

Ghana needs to bounce back to its glory days; the country sees to achieve its success only if citizens come together and do away with partisan politics, selfishness, nepotism etc.

Leaders always take decisions for their own paraxial and selfish interest without involving the citizens. The country needs a national policy, not promises and policies and its empty manifestos. We’re trying to provoke the discussion and influence public opinion; we are directing our agitations to the Martyrs of our democracy and those at the corridors of our country’s leadership.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah never bought a car, he never built a house, however, he restructured mother Ghana and made it a conducive haven for us all, he fought for the independence of Ghana alongside our forefathers, he developed Ghana by introducing good national policies which really helped mother Ghana in the past, since the death of Dr Kwame Nkrumah Ghana has hit rock bottom Government come and go, however, we are still at the same place.

We need a change in our country; our leaders are the cause of our woes. Furthermore, over the year’s Ghana development has slid down contributing factors has to do with bad leadership, manifestos from political parties, corruption and embezzlement of state funds.


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