All Ghana Premier League clubs practice ‘juju’, says ex-Ghana FA chairman MND Jawula


Former Ghana Football Association [GFA] chairman, Alhaji Mohammed Nurudeen Jawula, has alleged that all clubs in the topflight practice black magic ‘juju’, revealing that his father was the ‘mallam’ who handled Hearts of Oak’s spiritual dealings.

The issue of ‘juju’ in the country’s top-flight has in the past taken the centre stage of the game of football.

According to him, every club in Ghana uses black magic to aid them to win matches.

“My father came from Gonja, and he was then living in Accra and was then a mallam. He was working officially with Accra Hearts of Oak,” Alhaji Jawula told Citi TV’s Foot Print.

“My father was responsible for the club’s spiritual work (juju) at that time, and I am sure till now the club still believes in juju.

“All the clubs in Ghana practice juju. Let me be quick to add that even Brazilians and South Americans believe in that.”

Explaining further, he said he has actually witnessed some South American teams chanting incantations before a game.

“I remember I took RTU to Korea in 1986 to play a game against Uruguay and the players spent the whole night praying under candles, reciting incantations and at the end of the game, they won 2-1.

“Maybe it is psychological, but the players believe it works, so that is what it is,” he added.


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