GFA Decides: Ghanaians troll Amanda Clinton for her below par performance


Ghana Football Association presidential aspirant Amanda Akoukor Clinton has been the subject of Social media trolls after her underwhelming display in last night’s Ghana FA presidential debate held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Accra.

But for her beauty Amanda Clinton did barely anything to convince delegates that she is worthy of their votes.

The legal practitioner displayed very little knowledge of football and at was most times dancing around the questions.

Although she was below what many expected she had some very good points too with some subtle jabs at the so called ‘football people’ cliche which clearly she is not part of.

Below are some views of Ghanaians on social media:
PAQ® (@PapaQuasy) twitted:
Abeg no Vex!
Plz where did Ms Amanda Clinton come from, to contesting this GFA thing?
She’s really ‘not making a case for women’ if that was the plan to at least see a woman in this contest.
#GFADecides2019 #gfadebate
Cherubin Walter (@cherubin_walter) twitted:
Amanda Clinton watches football on TV and not good at this time to handle our football administration.

Nathan Quao (@nathan_quao) twitted:
The DOL question really shake Amanda Clinton. Wowolo!!!


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