Ghana Catchball Association successfully presents game in Kumasi


The Ghana Catchball Association over the weekend organized a one-day introduction of the Catchball game to the people of Kumasi to make them familiar with the rules of the game.

The President of Ghana Catchball Association, Gabriel Akorsah Bobie, speaking to the media said, Catchball is a social start-up that started in Israel combining sports with social activity.

“It is known to unify communities, empower women, entice them to participate in physical activity, and build their leadership skills,” he said.

Mr. Akorsah at the Kumasi Wesley College where the introduction was held, added, Catchball has encouraged women to become active in sports, often after years of physical inactivity.

The management of the association is working to spread the game and make it accessible to all including communities that have never had the chance to be active in the sports.

The management believes the Competitive sports in Ghana are male-dominated, hence the need to promote Catchball to involve women in international sports.

The Catchball Federation is spreading the word all around the world about the sport Catchball, and competitive Catchball leagues for women of all ages.

Leading sports associations and community organizations recognize that Catchball has the potential to unify communities, empower women and build women’s participation and leadership.

Catchball has taken off to become the most popular recreational activity for women in the world. The game, played by passing the ball over a net to the opponent’s court is played by women of all ages.

Ghana joined the global Phenomenon of Catchball with the help of Forsports Foundation represented by Mr. Christopher Forsythe.


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