806 Affordable Houses up for Sale in Nairobi

806 Affordable Houses up for Sale in Nairobi
806 Affordable Houses up for Sale in Nairobi

Africa-PressKenya. The government has put up for sale affordable housing units in Ngara, Nairobi County.

The State Department for Housing and Urban Development is looking for buyers to buy 546 units of 60 square metres and another 260 units of 80 square meters.

The housing units will go for Ksh3.55 million and Ksh4 million respectively.

Furthermore, about 300 applicants who missed out on the first batch of housing units will have a chance to bid for the houses as well.

The first batch of houses, which consist of three-bedroom 80 square metres, went for Ksh3 million.

However, for the applicants to qualify, they would be required to top up their minimum deposits to Ksh443,750 by Wednesday, January 20.

The State Department also gave the applicants the choice to either bid for the houses, wait for the next project or request for a refund.

The housing units project located along Park road, which initially began in 2019, was the first to be completed under the 500,000 affordable housing project in Nairobi.

Recently, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) kicked off plans to build affordable houses in 10 Nairobi estates as part of the second phase of the Affordable Housing Delivery Program.

The targeted estates include Bahati, Maringo, Jericho, Lumumba, Bondeni, Ziwani, Embakasi, California, Kariobangi North and Woodley estate.

According to NMS, the project is aimed at tackling urban decline, improving the quality of the built environment, increasing housing stock, promoting optimal utilization of land, and improving the quality of social-economic life of the Nairobi residents.


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