Africa-Press – Kenya. The recently concluded African Union summit, held in Ethiopia just over a week ago, which was attended by the prime minister, whilst seized with the many pressing African issues of hunger, unemployment, extreme poverty, corruption, political instability, etc. – could not be spared of the nonsensical antisemitic agenda of the anti-Israel clique.

The African Union is far from achieving the full stature seen in other continental bodies, in terms of capacity in all critical areas such as resources, security, economic integration, environmental issues and effective policies across a range of sectors.

Despite lagging behind in most of these critical areas, now the organisation has to deal with an unrelenting effort by the anti-Israel clique to turn it into another antisemitic front.

The recent summit saw another bold attempt, led by South Africa and Algeria, to expel Israel from the African Union where it currently enjoys observer status alongside a lot of countries and organisations, including the Palestinian Liberation Organisation(PLO).

The duo continued to peddle their shameful political claim/accusation that Israel is guilty of committing a genocide in Gaza. It must be noted that Algeria, a member of the Arab League, has bloodstained hands that should ordinarily disqualify her from being zealous on issues touching on human rights, we will be supporting this argument ,amongst other things today.

The failed attempt by the duo, on behalf of the Arab North, should certainly be celebrated by all Africans, that indeed this beloved continent cannot and should never be converted into a convenient weapon against Israel. We will demonstrate the real issues that Africans in general ,and African Christians in particular should be seized with regarding the human rights of Africans/Blacks and Christians in Algeria.

Algeria is ranked number 80 (extreme) in Church persecution

The organization Open Doors, which provides support for the persecuted church in North Africa, observes that the persecution of Christians in Algeria has reached levels never seen in decades.

Open Doors provides leadership and discipleship training, livelihood support, legal aid, trauma counselling, Bibles and pastoral care for the persecuted church in North Africa. The organization reports that Christians in Algeria face threats from multiple fronts, listing the family, society, employers and government.

The consequent of this is the stifled growth of the church in the country, currently standing at a paltry 144 000 (0.03 per cent of the population), its really bizarre that still this minute minority is still considered a serious threat by the Algerian government worthy of the might of its security forces.

Christians homes and businesses are routinely raided ,forcing many Christians to relocate within and without the country. Radical Muslim teachers enjoy a special treatment from government which enables them to spread their intolerant and extreme ideology.

This brazen violation of the right for one to practice a faith of his/her choice and the legislative and violent environment facilitating these violation/s, are totally at odds with the international human rights obligations of the country.

The country’s zealousness on the issue of the Palestinians can thus be understood for exactly what it is, it is certainly not a human rights interests, but rather a manifestation of the all-consuming agenda of Muslims to attain world hegemonic status.

It must be noted that the country’s constitution insists on an identity that upholds white Arabs and Muslim.

The country’s anti-Semitism culture is anything but new ,the country from the 50’s has been becoming more hostile to Jews.

This hostility, which is consistent with the North African culture, has seen the population of Jews in Algeria decline from around one hundred and thirty thousand (130 000) in the early 60’s, to just less than a hundred (100) in 2020. The last week attempts led by Algeria and South to expel Israel from the AU should be seen in light of this long history ,Algeria and South Africa’s determination to turn Africa into a rehabilitated oven of the holocaust should be resisted by all decent and democratic Africans.

Racism faced by black Algerians

We continue to bemoan the brutal dismantling/sabotaging of the Black Consciousness movement by the black progressive Marxists of South Africa.

This dismantling has seen the black man continue to experience his blackness as an unbearable weight that threatens to break his back in the streets, stadiums and industries of Africa and the world.

Black progressive Marxists sacrificed the soul and blood of the black man in the altar of their internationalist ideology.

The result is that, still in 2024, Africans in countries like Algeria are still being subjected to systematic racism. The history of racism in Algeria begins from the practice of slavery that started in the seventh century right up to the twentieth century, a total of 1300 years.

This long history of slavery has sadly consigned the status of black Algerians to the periphery of society, facing intense discrimination and marginalisation.

The case of the former Ms. Algeria 2019, Khadija Benhamou, who was subjected to the most brutal racial attacks, with racists Arab Algerians claiming she did not represent the beauty and identity of the country, simple because she is a black Algerian.

That South Africa ,under the ANC leadership, would find Algeria a strategic ally speaks to the total abandonment of the African agenda in favor of the internationalist progressive agenda.

The Mbeki years of a dream of the African renaissance, which proudly piloted exciting initiatives like NEPAD, have receded into memory as BEE-made billionaires find the plight of the rest of the black race an insignificant subject in their continued pursuit of the mighty dollar.

The rhetoric about Pan Africanism, which black Marxists stole from the Black Consciousness Movement, is either a shameful lip service or an envisioning of an Africa where the BEE-made billionaires establish their oligarchs across Africa in partnership with the oil-rich Arabs and China.

Africans must resist these nefarious attempts and claim back their esteem and the destiny of Africa that must be home to all Africans, Black, Arab and Caucasian. Most importantly ,an Africa that Blacks across the world can consider both their home and first line of defense against racial discrimination.

The suppressed black Algerians need to hear a better massage from the AU, a message of hope and redemption, that their plight will not be tolerated any longer, that their day of dignity can no longer be deferred, that indeed like old Marcus Garvey they must proudly shout ‘“I AM BLACK AND PROUD !!’’.

The irreversible fallout between South Africa and the West – Opportunities

The upshot of the sustained rabid hatred demonstrated by the ANC led government has placed the country in an inevitable collision course not just with the US but the rest of the western world.

The speculated likely victory of Trump in the US, barring all legal challenges, could actually accelerate the fallout.

The fallout presents an opportunity to countries in the region, to present themselves as worthy partners with decent values.

The country needs to speedily engage Israel about using our seriously underutilised International airport in light of the likelihood that Israel airplanes may cease direct flights to South Africa. The fallout presents a wide range of opportunities for export-oriented enterprises currently resident in South Africa who may feel their business interests will be jeopardized by the fallout.

The fallout is hardly a surprise ,and in fact strategists in the country and region must have anticipated it and planned accordingly. The region must present a mutual beneficial partnership to the West, built on the Judeo-Christian values – respect for human rights, tolerance, democratic values, accountability, anti-corruption etc.

The firm foundation of shared values would ensure that the region refuses to be caught up in a proxy war between the West and China/Russia. It must be a partnership built of mutual respect and a relentless tenacity to the rule of law.

The country, being the smallest in the region, must secure a head start in grabbing the arising opportunities, our smallness gives us the advantage of being able to achieve quicker turn arounds and decision making.

The failure of the anti-Israel clique at the AU should signal the final and irreversible disengagement of Africa’s future from the tangled politics of hate and corruption.

The duo of South Africa and Algeria must never be left in doubt that the rest of Africa will never be party to their rabid hatred for Israel.


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