Azimio Moves to Punish Mt Kenya Aspirants Shunning Raila in Posters

Azimio Moves to Punish Mt Kenya Aspirants Shunning Raila in Posters
Azimio Moves to Punish Mt Kenya Aspirants Shunning Raila in Posters

Africa-Press – Kenya. Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition has informed candidates from the Mt Kenya region that they will not be funded if they refuse to publicly campaign and show support to presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga.

During a meeting held at Thika Greens Hotel on Wednesday, May 3, 2022, candidates were told that if they fail to declare their support for the presidential candidate, they will not receive finance from the party.

According to the party leadership, a section of Jubilee Party candidates in the Mt Kenya region have been campaigning for themselves and avoiding associating with Raila or endorsing his presidential candidature in their areas.

Raila encouraged aspirants from the Mt Kenya region and encouraged them to be brave and optimistic, promising to help them in their campaigns financially.

“Those who have shown commitment will get lots of ammo [finance] from me. Do not have any doubts about that.

“I have since directed that we get ward, constituency and county campaign committees and sync them with the presidential campaign secretariat that has former Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju as the executive director, ” Raila stated.

The Azimio presidential candidate noted that it may be tougher for aspirants to sell him in Mt Kenya as compared to other regions but he urged the coalition partners to be steadfast since they are doing well in other regions.

Gatanga MP Joseph Nduati noted that some candidates had run out of money for campaigns, and that is why they appeared to have taken a backseat to a point they were perceived to be retreating.

“We are doing an audit check on our loyal foot soldiers so that we do not end up arming an enemy that might have infiltrated us.

“It will be very critical that all aspirants who are contesting under the Azimio ticket offer evidence that they are committed to our cause and this is through making available campaign materials that prominently have the Odinga presidential bid as our commitment, ” Nduati stated.

He also proposed that billboards and posters with Raila as a presidential candidate should start coming up in the Mt Kenya region.

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth stated that he had volunteered to partner with and support loyal aspirants financially, morally and physically if they will prove commitment to Azimio’s presidential candidate during this campaign season.

“But you need not worry about the competition that we are facing in Mt Kenya. We are campaigning against a wing that is super in spreading propaganda, lies and abuse to our leaders and government. Ours is to undo that and present Odinga as the panacea for that deception,” he stated.

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