Bunge TV: MPs To Launch Regional Channels For House Proceedings

Bunge TV: MPs To Launch Regional Channels For House Proceedings
Bunge TV: MPs To Launch Regional Channels For House Proceedings

Africa-PressKenya. The National Assembly has partnered with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) to set up regional television stations that will air parliamentary proceedings across the country.

The tv stations, which will be named Bunge Tv, will air parliamentary proceedings and committee meetings of the national assembly, the senate and the county assemblies.

The parliamentary committee on Broadcasting and Library is currently undertaking a nationwide inspection of the national broadcaster’s infrastructure before the Tv stations are rolled out.

While on a fact finding mission in Migori County, Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito, who chairs the committee, stated that Bunge Tv will provide the public with information and regular updates on discussions that take place both on the floor of the houses and in the committees.

“As the Broadcasting and Library Committee, we want to set up broadcast stations that will cover all parliamentary proceedings, committee discussions as well as field discussions including benchmarking our country abroad,” Kizito stated.

The legislator added that the committee’s move was motivated by the limited media coverage, given to discussions in both parliament and county assemblies.

Currently, the national assembly and senate proceedings are aired for 12 hours in a week on KBC.

Kizito further stated that they decided to partner with the national broadcaster because of their wide range of infrastructure across the country. He also stated that the infrastructure will enable county assemblies to get adequate media coverage.

While hailing the initiative, the chair added that extensive media coverage of parliamentary discussions will safeguard the history of the parliamentary discussions and position Kenya as an information hub not just in the region but around the globe.

“We don’t want Kenya parliament’s stories to be told in a different way other than how we currently do it,” Kizito added.

On her part, Migori County Women Representative who was hosting the legislators, Dr. Pamela Odhiambo, stated that the stations will bring an end to complaints of silent parliamentarians among members of the public.

The committee members were speaking during the committee’s inspection of KBC’s infrastructure in Migori county.


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