Did Somalia Ask Kenya to Apologise on Ahmednasir’s Behalf? Govt Spokesman Responds

Did Somalia Ask Kenya to Apologise on Ahmednasir's Behalf? Govt Spokesman Responds
Did Somalia Ask Kenya to Apologise on Ahmednasir's Behalf? Govt Spokesman Responds

Africa-Press – Kenya. The Somalian Government on Thursday, January 12, clarified on an alleged apology demand issued to the State House, Nairobi.

In a statement by the Spokesperson of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Ibrahim, the Farmajo-led government distanced itself from the letter circulating on social media.

The letter purported to be from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demanded that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government apologizes to Kismayu over comments made by lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi on January 8.

However, Ibrahim declared that the letter was invalid.

“Beware, it is fake!” the Spokesperson captioned as he shared an image of the letter.

According to the now discredited message, Somalia termed the remarks by the Grand Muller as defaming, derogatory and demeaning.

“The Prime Minister’s office is perturbed by the unfortunate utterances by the said Kenyan referring to Somalia’s Prime Minister as a “dimwit and incompetent fool,” read the note.

In what should have been left to be between the city lawyer and Somalia, Kenyatta’s government was roped in because the words were made through the national broadcaster, KBC.

Farmajo and Prime Minister Hussein Roble have been on a collision path for months now. On December 27, Faramajo suspended Roble amid an election spat.

Attempts by Kenyans.co.ke to get a comment from Foreign Affairs Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS), Ababu Namwamba, and Ahmednassir Abdullahi yielded no fruits.

By the time of publication, neither Namwamba nor Ahmednasir had responded to the matter.

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