East Africa Floods: Death toll mounts in Kenya

East Africa Floods: Death toll mounts in Kenya
East Africa Floods: Death toll mounts in Kenya

Africa-Press – Kenya. As the floodwaters recede in East Africa, residents in Kenya are struggling to deal with the aftermath, with at least 70 killed and tens of thousands driven from their homes.

The floods have washed away many roads and bridges, and left others partially destroyed especially in northern Kenya.

Over 36,000 households have been displaced across the country, according to Kenyan president William Ruto.

“Unfortunately we have lost 70 people across Kenya because of these rains and about 36,160 households have been displaced so far,” Ruto said in an address from State House on Saturday

The Kenyan leader also warned that cases of cholera and malaria were emerging in some areas.

Ruto is due to meet with his cabinet on Monday to discuss the emergency response to the crisis.

Kenya’s meteorological department has forecast that the country will likely continue to see above average rainfall this season, especially in the central and eastern regions.

The department said the unusual conditions are being driven by “warmer than average Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) over the Central and Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean indicating the presence of El Nino conditions”.

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