Eddie Ndichu Issues Statement on Alleged Assault

Eddie Ndichu Issues Statement on Alleged Assault
Eddie Ndichu Issues Statement on Alleged Assault

Africa-PressKenya. Former TV anchor Janet Mbugua’s husband, Eddie Ndichu, has issued a statement following a viral video that showed him and his twin brother, Paul Ndichu, allegedly engaging in a brawl.

In a statement released on Tuesday, October 19, Eddie denied that they had assaulted two women at a city hotel on Saturday night.

The co-founders of Wapi Pay stated that they did not assault any women and they were de-escalating the situation after two women they had met at the hotel got into a physical confrontation.

According to the Ndichu twins, they were also defending themselves from attacks from the group adding that they had reported the matter to the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI).

“Our understanding is that the allegations and video currently being shared on social media, albeit horrific and regrettable, do not depict the true events that transpired that night,” the statement read in part.

“To be clear, Paul and Eddie got involved in an attempt to neutralize a confrontation between two women and to defend themselves from certain aggressors. The matter has been reported to the police and DCI for further investigation and resolution. Pending this, we request restraint be exercised in potentially and unfairly spreading misinformation that has no factual basis.”

The Ndichu twins assured their clients that they do not condone any form of gender-based violence and asked their partners for patience as law enforcement deals with the matter which has attracted social media backlash.

“Paul and Eddie, want to use this medium to express their deepest regrets for the incident that occurred. Wapi Pay is built on, and practices, a culture of respect for employees and customers and does not tolerate any form of discrimination or encourage any form of gender-based violence,” read the statement from the Ndichu twins.

On Monday, October 18, the Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, directed the complainants in the video to make a formal report.

“This incident should be reported to the nearest police station for action,” directed the Inspector General of Police.

Blogger Edgar Obare and activist Boniface Mwangi were the first to share the clips on social media after the complainants shared the videos with them explaining the incident.

In the clip, Eddie and his twin brother, Paul Ndichu, are seen allegedly engaging in a scuffle with the unidentified individuals.

Mwangi, through his Twitter account, explained that the sister to the victim informed him that the two brothers had allegedly attacked her and her boyfriend at a restaurant in Nairobi.

“Yesterday, my sister and I were attacked by the Ndichu twins for respectfully turning them down. They threatened to shoot us and ruin our lives.”

“My sister was strangled by Paul Ndichu while her boyfriend who had come to her rescue was being strangled by Eddie,” posted Mwangi on Twitter, tagging the Inspector General of Police.

One of the Ndichu’s, who was dressed in a white T-shirt, was also seen struggling with a car before heading into the hotel lobby.


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