Fire reported near Kariobangi Roundabout, Nairobi

Fire reported near Kariobangi Roundabout, Nairobi
Fire reported near Kariobangi Roundabout, Nairobi

Africa-Press – Kenya. A fire incident has been reported near the Kariobangi Roundabout along Outering Road, Nairobi.

St John Ambulance said in a brief Friday evening that business premises along the road were affected by the inferno.

It added that the Nairobi fire brigade and St John Ambulance teams were en route for the rescue operation.

A motorist shared a video on X saying, “Going towards Allsops, the fire is intense”.

The area around Kariobangi has been synonymous with fire incidents for years.

On February 7, at least seven people were injured in a fire incident at a fuel station.

The fire broke out from the station and spread out to the nearby structures.

Property of unknown value was destroyed by the inferno before the fire was contained.

Help arrived in the form of a fuel tanker from a newly opened station whose fire extinguishers were used to put out the fire.

Police said the injured were rushed to Mama Margaret Uhuru Hospital, Kariobangi, Nairobi, where they were treated and discharged with minor burns.

As far back as March 9, 2018, a family lost their three children aged between one and six in a tragic fire incident in Kariobangi North.

Six months earlier on October 15, 2019, an early morning fire had claimed three lives and injured four other people in Kariobangi South.

Much earlier that year on February 11, 2019, another fire had occurred at Kariobangi Light Industry.

Other fire incidents were reported on September 1, 2020; March 26, 2021 and December 24, 2021 where a dawn fire razed down a boutique in Kariobangi South.

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