Gigiri Constable Shoots Self Near US Embassy

Gigiri Constable Shoots Self Near US Embassy
Gigiri Constable Shoots Self Near US Embassy

Africa-PressKenya. A police constable attached to the Gigiri police station reportedly took his own life on Tuesday afternoon, June 8, 2021. According to police reports, the officer allegedly shot himself in the head using a registered AK47 rifle.

The policeman reportedly committed suicide at the Amisom offices located behind the United States of America Embassy. The offices are also four kilometres away from Gigiri Police Station.

Police officers attached to the case stated that the constable was posted to his workstation alongside a female colleague on the morning of the said day.

Detectives added that the colleague left for lunch at 2:20 pm leaving behind the suicide victim. A few minutes later, she returned only to find him dead.

Investigations were launched into the case with police attempting to ascertain reasons that prompted the junior officer to commit suicide.

In January 2020, the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) released a report revealing that the spike in murder and suicide cases among police officers could be linked to the limited supervision of junior officers residing outside police camps.

“Stagnation in rank, disciplinary actions arising from desertion and inadequate monitoring of junior officers leaving outside police lines are among causes of stress in officers identified,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

Earlier in May, a viral video of a police officer seeking resignation caught the attention of the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.

In the video, she noted that such frustrations in the police force were leading to the deaths of officers who either committed suicide or resorted to injuring others.

“I just want a chance to resign peacefully. I have attached several letters meant for the IG but they never get to him. That is why police officers get frustrated to a point of committing suicide or killing themselves, something I cannot do,” she commented.

On Sunday, May 23, a female Police officer opted to sell fish for a living in an open-air market after she was frustrated into resigning, despite receiving an award from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Busia resident noted that she had been deployed at Busia Police Station and transferred within the county three times but the problem came when she was taken outside the county.


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