Governor Revives Ruto’s Former Party

Governor Revives Ruto's Former Party
Governor Revives Ruto's Former Party

Africa-PressKenya. Mandera Governor Ali Roba has acquired the United Democratic Movement Party (UDM).

In an advertisement in one of the dailies in the country, some Mandera county government staff were also announced as the new UDM officials.

Newly appointed Secretary-General David Ohito mentioned that the party aimed to fill the political gap in the entire North-Eastern region.

“There exists UDM that is keen on championing for better education, healthcare and the interests of the people of Mandera and North Eastern,” he stated.

Ohito is a veteran journalist who is also the Mandera County chief of staff. He added that the North-Eastern region unit has lagged behind in terms of political representation.

“UDM is about service to the people, unlike the Economic Freedom Party that went silent after the 2017 elections. We shall chart our path and decide which presidential candidate to support after putting our house in order,” he added.

He also revealed that the official announcement of the party will be made in a month’s time.

Deputy President William Ruto was once associated with UDM but could not take full control of the outfit facing opposition from the then Secretary-General Martin ole Kamwaro.

Between 2008 and 2012, UDM had been a fort for ODM rebel MPs led by Ruto who unsuccessfully attempted to take control of the party and use it as their platform for the 2012 elections.

However, following resistance from the existing leadership Ruto and his allies opted to form the United Republican Party (URP) in December 2012.

The Mandera Governor in 2013 elections ran for the gubernatorial seat through a URP ticket.


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