Govt Raises Alarm On Huduma Namba Scam

Govt Raises Alarm On Huduma Namba Scam
Govt Raises Alarm On Huduma Namba Scam

Africa-PressKenya. The government, on Friday, June 11, cautioned Kenyans from falling prey to a Huduma Namba scam targeting unsuspecting residents.

A poster doing rounds on social media alleged that the government was using fake phone call numbers to call Kenyans and later wipe clean their mobile money accounts.

The notice read:

Due to failure in your Huduma Number registration details, we will close your line. Contact Huduma Centre for correction.

“Don’t even call them, don’t try to give any information when you receive that message. They might con our parents,” the scammers claimed.

Several government organizations responded to the scam refuting its details. They also urged the public to be wary of individuals who request their personal identification numbers (PINS)

“It has come to our attention that citizens are receiving the attached message. If you do get it, do not act on it and immediately report the sender number to your ISP. Be warned that it is fake…It is not a message from Government. Be alert… Do not be conned,” the Ministry of ICT under CS Joe Mucheru warned.

“Kindly disregard the message. Please note that the official contact number for Huduma Kenya is 0206900020,” Huduma Kenya added.

The Ministry of Interior under CS Fred Interior further clarified that the identification numbers are free of charge and explained how one can receive information from Huduma Kenya.

Matiang’is docket stated that all SMS notifications from the government are sent from HUDUMANAMBA and not via a landline nor a mobile phone number.

The Huduma number helpline as provided by the government is 0800221111.

200,000 of the 2.4million huduma cards have been collected so far.


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