I helped ‘shy’ Mvurya win governor seat but he betrayed me – Raila

I helped 'shy' Mvurya win governor seat but he betrayed me - Raila
I helped 'shy' Mvurya win governor seat but he betrayed me - Raila

Africa-Press – Kenya. ODM leader Raila Odinga has accused Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya of betrayal.

The opposition chief was on a campaign trail in Kinango, Kwale county when he accused the governor of running away from him even after he successfully introduced him into the rocky world of politics.

He said Mvurya, who was first elected on an ODM ticket in 2013, has betrayed him by siding with Deputy President William Ruto.

In 2013, Raila says the Kwale governor was a novice in politics and he helped him become the formidable politician he is today.

“He (Mvurya) was brought to my office in 2013. He could not even express himself in public, but I helped him become the first governor here. He has now decided to join the other side, we have no issue with that,” he said.

In the governor race, Mvurya is campaigning for his deputy Fatma Achani to take over from him. Achani is vying on a UDA party ticket.

Raila rallied the Kwale citizens to vote for Hamadi Boga, who until recently was serving as the Principal Secretary for Agriculture.

“Boga has proven beyond any doubt that he will bring change in Kwale,” said Raila.

He also used the opportunity to sell his manifesto to the residents saying he is best placed to solve the problems of the coastal people.

He divulged that a number of development projects being run in the Coastal region were conceived when he was serving as a minister in the late former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration.

“I was personally involved in the drawing and designing of these road projects. Some have since taken off, but some are yet to start. When we take over in August, we shall embark on all the pending major road projects in this region,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is putting up the multi-billion Dogo Kundu road project and the Dongo Kundu special economic zone on the south coast.

“All these projects are my brainchild. I came to this place when you could not access it by road. We shall therefore ensure that they are achieved in our government,” Raila said.

The ODM boss said his government will also fast-track the construction of the multi-billion Mwache Dam project, which will help revive agriculture and supply enough water to the residents.

Others who had accompanied Raila in Kwale include; Senator Issa Boy (Kwale), Stewart Madzayo (Kilifi), Gideon Mungaro (Kilifi governor aspirant), Mishi Mboko (Likoni MP) and a host of other ODM leaders.

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