I Was Held at Gunpoint in Studio – MP Wa Muchomba

I Was Held at Gunpoint in Studio - MP Wa Muchomba
I Was Held at Gunpoint in Studio - MP Wa Muchomba

Africa-PressKenya. Kiambu Woman Representative, Gathoni Wa Muchomba, on Tuesday, September 14, narrated how a comment she made on air almost cost her life.

Speaking during an interview on a YouTube channel, Wa Muchomba recalled what was arguably her toughest day during her tenure as a radio presenter for Inooro FM.

The Woman Rep stated that she made comments that did not go down well with a Member of Parliament at the time.

A day before she made the comments, the MP had been involved in a verbal altercation with former Cabinet Minister Chris Murungaru.

In their verbal altercation, the MP allegedly stated that the Minister had nothing to offer the country apart from his Bachelors degree.

As is the norm for journalists, they quickly picked the topic and made it a viral conversation for days. Wa Muchomba could not resist delving into the conversation, a move she says made her realise the importance of second thoughts.

“All I asked was, how could the MP, a primary school drop out, even compare himself with a highly-educated Murungaru,” she narrated.

All was well until the following day when she received a call from one of the security guards manning the entrance of the Royal Media Services informing her that the MP was at the gate and did not look very pleased.

Wa Muchomba asked the guard to inform the company proprietor, S.K. Macharia, saying that she, and her boss, were aware as to why the MP was at the entrance.

She stated that S.K allowed the MP into the premises, sent him to the studio where she was for an interview.

“He (SK Macharia) told me to ensure that I was with someone in studio incase anything happened,” she recalled.

The Legislator and his men did not take long to get to the studio. By the time they got in, she was off air. She narrated that the events unfolded way too fast and before she comprehended what was happening, she had a gun pointed to her head.

Wa Muchomba narrated how she opted to keep her mouth shut, saying that it was the best decision then. She, however, notes that she overcame the fear despite having been traumatised at the time.

The Kiambu Woman Rep, during the interview conducted in the local Kikuyu dialect, said she has since learnt how to weigh her words before making comments.


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