I wasn’t tricked out of UDA, someone lied to Ruto – MC Jessy

I wasn’t tricked out of UDA, someone lied to Ruto – MC Jessy
I wasn’t tricked out of UDA, someone lied to Ruto – MC Jessy

Africa-Press – Kenya. Comedian-turned-politician Jasper Muthomi, alias MC Jessy, has opened up on how lies peddled to Deputy President William Ruto cost him the South Imenti ticket.

Defending the DP, Jessy said Ruto’s foot soldiers whom he had assigned to assist him in identifying strong candidates lied to him about his popularity.

“I was not tricked; somebody lied to the Deputy President about Jessy in South Imenti. The person there was not honest to the DP,” MC Jessy said.

He was speaking during an an interview with Kenyans.co.ke.

In April, United Democratic Alliance party handed Mwiti Kathaara a direct ticket to contest for South Imenti’s parliamentary seat, locking out MC Jessy.

A heartbroken MC Jessy would later have a sit down with Ruto where he claimed that the the deputy president admitted to have made the wrong choice by dropping him.

“We had a sit down with Ruto during Easter and I was emotional because I was the one marketing UDA .I was UDA in South Imenti”

“He (Ruto) told me what happened and said he was lied to,” he added.

Jessy further revealed that he had Ruto’s blessings to vie for seat as an independent candidate.

“During the sit down, the DP asked me what I wanted and I told him I have decided to go independent and he wished me the best.”

However, before going independent, Ruto offered MC Jessy a role in his presidential campaign team but he declined.

On April 13, 2022 Ruto said that the comedian would take up duties within his presidential campaign secretariat.

“MC Jessy will join the presidential campaign team after postponing his parliamentary bid in favour of Mwiti Kathaara for the South Imenti Seat,” he announced then.

Explaining why he turned down the offer, Jessy said the designation did not line up with his ambition to serve the people of South Imenti.

He noted that he has a very cordial relationship with the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate.

“That is not my vision, my dream is not there, my dream is in South Imenti. If I took the job how would I have helped the people of South Imenti?” he posed.

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