Include me on ballot and vote, Kigame tells supporters

Include me on ballot and vote, Kigame tells supporters
Include me on ballot and vote, Kigame tells supporters

Africa-Press – Kenya. Rejected presidential aspirant Ruben Kigame has urged his supporters to add and tick his name on the presidential ballot papers on Tuesday, August 9.

Addressing the press on Friday, Kigame encouraged all Kenyans to show up and vote as it is their democratic rights.

“When it comes to the presidential vote, we encourage you to exercise your democratic right fully by voting for us in this way. Take your pen and write Ruben Kigame on the presidential ballot as the fifth option,” he added.

“And then, mark it proudly. Tick it,” he said.

He added that the move will be a bold way of sending a message to the IEBC, that Kenyans will choose whoever they want.

Kigame pointed out that there is a need to vote, quoting the former Chief Justice David Maraga, “The process of an election is just as important as the results of that election.”

He said he will move to the Supreme Court to challenge the presidential polls after August 9.

He claimed that the electoral body was biased in their presidential candidates’ nominations.

“Therefore, Kenyans have been denied some key candidates of their choice,” he added.

Kigame said the Commission unfairly and in a cunning way, imposed four candidates on Kenyans, adding that two got preferential nomination privileges.

He said this left Kenyans with a narrow chance of picking candidates of their choice.

“Again, IEBC is discriminatory, biased and careless about candidate nominations,” the gospel musician reiterated.

Unfortunately, if his voters heed his call, it would not only amount to an electoral offence but will also lead to a spoilt vote.

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