It’s your turn to vote for me in 2027 – Ruto tells Raila

It's your turn to vote for me in 2027 - Ruto tells Raila
It's your turn to vote for me in 2027 - Ruto tells Raila

Africa-Press – Kenya. President William Ruto has said Opposition leader Raila Odinga should vote in his favour in 2027.

Ruto said he had supported and voted for Raila during the 2007 general elections to a point that the ODM leaders became Prime Minister.

Raila served as Kenya’s PM from 2008 to 2013, under former President Mwai Kibaki.

He said it was time for Raila to repay the support as it would only be fair.

“Mimi nilihangaika sana juu take. Badala ya kupanga maandamano, wewe jipange unipigie kura 2027 ndio mambo ikuwe even (Instead of planning demonstrations prepare to vote for me in 2027 so things can be even),” he said.

Ruto also asked Raila, in the same spirit, to back his presidential bid in 2027.

“Now may I ask you Agwambo (Raila), I supported you, I campaigned for you, I voted for you. I stood with you. Agwambo, when will you vote for me? When will you support me? Why are you protesting against me?” he asked.

During the 2007 post-election period, Ruto was among the members of the ODM’s negotiation team.

The President, who had visited Migori, urged the resident to enquire, on his behalf, what Raila was holding against him.

Ruto condemned the planned demonstration insisting that they are frustrating development and economic recovery.

He urged Raila to rethink his plan to hold protests on Monday and Thursday, and instead support the government’s economic recovery scheme.

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