Journalist Collapses & Dies in Nairobi

Journalist Collapses & Dies in Nairobi
Journalist Collapses & Dies in Nairobi

Africa-PressKenya. Update: February 27, 2021: 18:46:

Former Taifa Leo sub-editor Dennis Geoffrey Mauya, alias Mauya Omauya, collapsed and died – on Monday afternoon, April 26 – outside a liquor store in Donholm Estate, Nairobi.

An autopsy report indicated that Mauya succumbed to cardiac arrest owing to constrictive pericarditis –a rare condition that is caused by the inflammation of the sac-like membrane that surrounds the heart. Earlier reports had alleged that he had succumbed to Covid-19.

Constrictive Pericarditis has similar symptoms with Covid-19, from breathing problems to exhaustion and pain in the chest.

His family disclosed that the 37-year-old had been injected with an AstraZeneca vaccine a fortnight ago.

Mauya joined Nation Media Group (NMG) in 2007 but left a year later for further studies.

A man (who was later identified as Dennis Geoffrey Mauya) fainted and passed away outside a liquor store in Donholm estate, Nairobi – on Monday afternoon, April 26 – causing a scene at the business centre.

Reports alleged that the deceased arrived at the wines and spirits shop in the morning at around 9 am.

However, eyewitnesses who spoke to the Standard could not ascertain whether ordered or withheld from buying an alcoholic drink.

Nonetheless, two hours later, he collapsed and died outside the liquor store in unclear circumstances.

Police – who did not comment on the death but launched investigations into the matter – took the body to a nearby mortuary after health officials fumigated it.

The officials were dressed in hazmat suits synonymous with Covid-19 paramedics.

Onlookers suspected that the man may have succumbed to the virus.

In November 2020, passengers of a Mombasa-bound bus raised an alarm after one of the passengers passed away at Malili in Machakos County. Health officials also fumigated the bus and asked the other 31 passengers to self-isolate.

“The passengers had just gone out to take a breather and when they came back, they realised that the man was dead,” Makueni County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim.

Another similar incident had been witnessed a few days earlier when a commuter died along Mombasa Road.

Medics refuted claims that he had succumbed to Covid-19 complications after tests conducted indicated that he had not contracted the virus.


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