JSC Initiates Process to Kick Out Justice Said Chitembwe

JSC Initiates Process to Kick Out Justice Said Chitembwe
JSC Initiates Process to Kick Out Justice Said Chitembwe

Africa-Press – Kenya. The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has initiated the process seeking to remove Justice Chitembwe Said Juma from office following graft allegations labelled against him by the former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, through a series of audio and video recordings.

JSC on Monday, November 22, deliberated on the petition that was filed seeking to kick him out on grounds of impropriety and gross misconduct that are currently in the public domain.

JSC granting Chitembwe the right to reply directed him to file a detailed response regarding the allegations within 14 days of service.

His response will be considered by the panel which has been set up by the commission. The panel will then present its findings to JSC including their recommendations.

JSC will then decide the fate of Chitembwe thereafter, that is whether to sack him or dismiss the allegations released by Sonko.

“JSC resolved that the petitions be served upon the Honourable Judge for his response within 14 days of service. Thereafter, the

Petitions and the Honourable Judge’s response will be considered by a panel which has been set up by the Commission . The panel will present its findings and recommendations to the Commission,” part of JSC statement read.

Chief Justice Martha Karambu Koome had earlier released a statement assuring Kenyans that she will take action regarding the video recordings released online by Sonko implicating the High Court Judge.

She reiterated on the matter during the admission of 255 lawyers to the roll of advocates at the Supreme Court on Monday, November 22, noting that the Judiciary will deal firmly and swiftly but also fairly with the allegations against Judges.

“We will deal firmly and swiftly but also fairly with any allegations or cases that implicate anyone within the Judiciary in unlawful activities,” she stated.

“Our quest for ‘Judicial Hygiene’ which is geared towards enhancing public confidence and trust in the Judiciary will be pursued within the context of a policy of zero tolerance to graft in the Judiciary.”

Chitembwe on the other side had defended himself against the allegations stating that the videos were edited to frame him.

In the videos, Sonko recorded a meeting with the Judge’s brother soliciting and receiving a bribe on behalf of the Judge. The video would become the topic of discussion across social media platforms and the mainstream media.

Prior to the latest action taken by JSC, there was a previous petition where two persons appealed to the JSC to remove Chitembwe from the Judiciary.

In the petition filed on Friday, September 3, Imgard Beige and David Leboo, cited prejudices in a succession case Justice Chitembwe presided over at the Malindi Law Courts.

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