Kenya Sends Aid to Congo and India

Kenya Sends Aid to Congo and India
Kenya Sends Aid to Congo and India

Africa-PressKenya. The government of Kenya has sent food and material aid to Congo and India to help the two countries recover from a volcanic eruption and health crisis respectively.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) delivered humanitarian and food aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Four planeloads were sent carrying 34 tonnes of aid to assist victims of Mount Nyiragongo volcanic eruption that left many families without homes.

The 5.1 magnitude earthquake was first detected at 5:46 a.m followed by a 4.1 magnitude tremor at 6:12 a.m on Saturday, May 22.

A DW publication indicated that the eruption affected 17 villages and destroyed 140 buildings in the town of Rubavu.

The DRC’s Minister of Public health, Hygiene and Prevention, Dr. Jean Jacques Mbungani Mbanda went to Goma to examine the impact of the Volcanic eruption.

India’s donation had 12 tonnes of coffee, tea and groundnuts which they received on Friday, May 28th from the Kenya’s High commissioner in the Asian country, Willy Bett.

The High commissioner left the donations at the Indian Red Cross Society office in Mumbai after a visit to Delhi. Locally made coffee and tea were held in the arms of 5 Red Cross representatives as they took pictures.

Indian citizens with poor income or no jobs will benefit from the donations in a time when their economy is not performing well.

The donations came after Kenya received 100,000 vaccines from India on Thursday, March 11th.

Kenya’s Red Cross Society Annual Report confirms that 19,129,424 people were reached in its disaster response as well as long term service programs. This figure indicates the organisation’s ability to support Kenyans.

Since 2019, Kenya’s funding from foreign nations has been decreasing. The nations biggest source of foreign funding is the United States of America at 45.1 percent according to the financial tracking service in 2020.

Most of Kenya’s humanitarian aid is spent on nutrition at a cost of Ksh 7,386,507,249. This points to the country’s efforts to manage nutritional deficiencies, especially in rural areas.


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