Kenya to host global green energy meeting

Kenya to host global green energy meeting
Kenya to host global green energy meeting

Africa-Press – Kenya. Key players propagating for renewable energy use around the world converge in Nairobi in October to explore opportunities available in Kenya.

An estimated 400 delegates and industry players from 37 countries are set to attend the three day event that runs from October 4 to October 6.

The meeting comes at time the country plans to scale up its e-mobility with the expansion of Bus Rapid Transit system specifically for electric buses.

The gathering will bring together 70 foreign firms from around the globe as the country also mulls tapping on green hydrogen.

The event to be hosted by Renewable Energy Forum Africa [REFA) is expected to attract delegates from 250 companies.

The CEO of African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) John Van Zutlen said the expo will bring together start-ups and investors looking to tap on solar projects.

“The core of our event is to connect people who are developing tangible projects and are looking for financing,” Zutlen said.

He said REFA 2023 is set to provide a platform for showcasing innovative solutions for start-ups and existing investors and entrepreneurs and will host around 150 exhibitors.

The edition, which will focus on green hydrogen and wind, solar and storage and E-Mobility, is expected to set pace on acceleration and adoption of renewable energy technologies for investors in Africa.

Africa is now emerging as a hub for renewable energy with abundant natural resources and a growing demand for and reliable power.

The intensified impacts of Climate change have prompted more discussions to on building resilient energy systems with measures than can withstand challenges posed by climate change.

Kenya currently generates more than 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources like geothermal, hydro and wind energy, with the solar energy sector becoming attractive for industrial and home use.

Globally the country is one of the major players in the geothermal space and ranks among the top ten in installed geothermal generation capacity.

According to the World Bank, the deployment of solar mini grids has increased in Sub-Saharan Africa, from around 500 installed in 2010 to more than 3,000 installed today.

UNEP on the other hand says while 60 percent of the world’s best solar sites are located in Africa the potential is yet to be fully exploited as this only harnesses one percent of the power.

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