Kenyan Woman Lands Deal With Disney, Nat Geo

Kenyan Woman Lands Deal With Disney, Nat Geo
Kenyan Woman Lands Deal With Disney, Nat Geo

Africa-Press – Kenya. Outspoken Kenyan conservationist, Paula Kahumbu, the CEO of Kenyan Conservation NGO WildlifeDirect, has bagged a partnership deal with Disney and National Geographic to produce an African filmed series.

The production dubbed ‘National Geographic Kids Africa’ is a 26-part African series that will be targeting African kids.

Taking to her social platforms after the deal, Kahumbu noted that besides this film being produced for the African kids, they shall also be part of the production process.

“I have been dying to tell the world about this amazing new partnership between my organization, WildlifeDirect, and Disney and Nat Geo to produce National Geographic Kids Africa – a 26 part series that will be filmed in Africa for and with our kids,” she stated.

Kahumba proceeded to state that for the first time, Africans will be able to do a whole production about nature independently.

All the activities that are done from pre-production, production and post-production will be taken over entirely by the Africans.

“It will be our voices, our people holding the cameras, our stories, and our audiences watching the amazing content,” an excerpt from Kahumbu’s statement read.

Apart from producing and delivering content, the program also has a bigger mission, which is ensuring that African nature is restored.

This will be achieved through an outreach program, which will work towards ensuring that children from all over watch the series and make a difference on peoples’ view towards nature.

The program is being funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

“We are creating a generation of Wildlife Warriors. We are so grateful that this incredible program is generously funded by USAID,” Kahumba stated.

Kahumba is also the leader of the ‘Hands Off Our Elephants’ Campaign, with Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. It’s a campaign to restore Kenyan leadership in elephant conservation.

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