Kilifi UDA supporters want Ruto to reveal agreement with PAA

Kilifi UDA supporters want Ruto to reveal agreement with PAA
Kilifi UDA supporters want Ruto to reveal agreement with PAA

Africa-Press – Kenya. United Democratic Alliance supporters in Kilifi County want Deputy President William Ruto to unveil the coalition agreement he signed with Pamoja African Alliance.

They claimed that there has been a lot of misinformation being spread by PAA that is demoralizing them on the ground.

Speaking during a meeting with over 1000 women attended by the Malindi MP and UDA gubernatorial aspirant Aisha Jumwa, they said once the agreement is made public, they will be able to know how to move on smoothly with their campaigns.

Jumwa, however, assured the UDA supporters that all was well and urged them not to be swayed by the PAA party that was formed recently.

She maintained Kilifi was a UDA zone adding its candidates are the ones who will carry the day on August 9 2022.

“There is no day in Kenya a tenant can own a title deed of the place he rented. Those are just kicks of a dying horse we are in UDA, Coast is UDA, Kilifi is UDA and the whole country is UDA,” she said.

Jumwa said Ruto would be the UDA presidential candidate and she would be the Kilifi County governor candidate.

Moses Matano, the UDA County Coordinator said PAA signed an agreement whose details they are not aware of.

“It’s sad that a small party like PAA joined Kenya Kwanza and then begun spreading propaganda that Kilifi UDA supporters are not in the limelight,” he said.

“Ruto should tell us as Kilifians and coast in general where our space is in the Coalition agreement. We do not want PAA to be in control.”

Janet Njoki, a UDA supporter from Kilifi County, said they are diehards of the party and support Jumwa as their preferred candidate for Kilifi governor.

He said UDA should come clear and explain the coalition agreement details so as to end the speculations that have been going round.

This week there has been a supremacy battle between UDA and PAA with Jumwa telling Kingi to concentrate on the mandate he was given to coordinate the Kenya Kwanza Campaign in the Coast region.

Kingi has not responded yet but his supporters told off Jumwa telling her to respect Kingi.

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