Magoha Issues First Directive On Cutting CBC Cost

Magoha Issues First Directive On Cutting CBC Cost
Magoha Issues First Directive On Cutting CBC Cost

Africa-PressKenya. Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha has on Tuesday, September 14 directed all public schools to use projectors in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) model instead of printing learning material.

This, he said, will help cut costs among schools, and directed that only those students who can afford should be allowed to print material.

The CS said that even if the program is expensive, he is focused on quality assurance, and believes digital learning will make it a success.

Magoha has mentioned that digital learning will not be for the students alone, but for the teachers as well. He added that the government will do everything to ensure that CBC is effective and successful.

Magoha has noted that the country has over 229,000 TSC qualified teachers who will ensure that the program runs smoothly.

Besides that, Magoha urged parents to embrace CBC, adding that Kenya is ranked high among countries that offer quality education.

“Kenya was way at the top at 25.9 percent. The other countries were as low as 14 percent. There’s no other African country with that rating,” the CS remarked.

“I accept that there could be a problem with digital literacy. But from today, nothing should be printed. They should be projected,” said the CS.

He also said he believes all schools have the equipment for projecting and warned school administrators who will use the unavailability of projectors as an excuse.

The CS further said teachers should use their smartphones to project, where the projecting equipment is unavailable. “Work with what is around you,” the CS remarked.

Magoha also said the Ministry will identify schools in the most remote areas, and improve communication to enable them to easily execute CBC.

“I did not start CBC. I came here and found it. For those against it, know that CBC is here to stay,” he said.


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